Saturday, 24 January 2009

Buell, Showing You How To Own The Corners

Here are some of the latest videos from Buell highlighting their current 2009 range...enjoy!

The Buell Ulysses XB12XT

The Buell Ulysses XB12X

The Buell 1125R and Firebolt XB12R Sportsbikes

The Buell 1125CR

The Buell Lightning Range

Hope you enjoyed that and got you excited. Dublin Harley-Davidson is my local dealer here in Ireland, track down yours to see the above in the flesh.

Always keep the rubber side down.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pimping Your Gnome Deskop

One of the best features about Ubuntu has got to be the ease at which you can grab whatever need when you need it. The debate goes on about free/open/proprietary license issues, but for the end user you are spoilt for choice, which moves me onto the look and feel of the Ubuntu desktop. At the end of the day you can make it whatever you want and I enjoy messing with mine regularly so to give you an idea of what is possible I will run you through some recent mods I have made thanks to the work of others.

Advent Screenshot - 013

First off, if you use Ubuntu you probably know all about compiz and the sexy screen effects like the cube, animations and so on. For some tips on how to set up your compiz settings I recommend reading Forlong's Blog, I usually refer back to it each time I am setting up after a fresh install.

Advent Screenshot - 012

Next, how about the 'dock' at the bottom of the screen? Very Mac! Well installing is simple, just click into System-Administration-Synaptic Package Manager. Once in there just type 'awn' into the search box. In the results that show up select the 'awn-manager' and install. I would recommend deleting the bottom panel (hover over with mouse, right-click, select delete panel). Then you need to add awn to your startup sessions. So just click into System-Preference-Sessions and then click 'Add' in the startup tab and fill in like I have in the image below. Now when you restart your computer so will awn. Either right-clicking the dock or clicking into System-Preferences-Awn Manager will help you set up the look and feel as you please.

Advent Screenshot - 015

Advent Screenshot - 016

Next for the appearance in general I recommend starting at, from there you can find wallpapers, icon themes, entire themes and links to other more specific websites to do with the Ubuntu look. For instance in my case I am using the following to get the above look and feel:

(My window manager is compiz and emerald is my window decorator)

In Emerald Theme Manager I am using "ubuntu brown transparent emerald" by "rooti".

Advent Screenshot - 018

In my appearance settings I have 'Human' selected in the 'controls' tab, while the colour scheme is pictured below (just use the color picker to select the colors).

Advent Screenshot - 017

Each month I download the latest wallpaper/calendar by Royal Enfield (Click Here). While the very cool icon theme I use is Human-O2 available from here (complete with all the install instructions).

So as you can see it does not take long to get the desired look. In many cases I find I am spoilt for choice from the huge selection that are constantly being created/updates on the websites mentioned above. If you can imagine then someone can probably build it and in many cases already have!

Ubuntu...linux for human beings

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Ubuntu and the world of tomorrow

Below are some excerpts from an interview by the NY Times with Mark Shuttleworth and gives a good history of Ubuntu and Canonical up to now. It also looks at the companies future plans and giving an indication of what is to come.

No word on specifics or any of the technology advances that Ubuntu bet the other OS providers to the punch with. Overall it is a good insight and will bring you up to speed.
clipped from

Close to half of Google’s 20,000 employees use a slightly modified version of Ubuntu, playfully called Goobuntu.

clipped from

The Macedonian education department relies on Ubuntu, providing 180,000 copies of the operating system to children, while the Spanish school system has 195,000 Ubuntu desktops. In France, the National Assembly and the Gendarmerie Nationale, the military police force, rely on Ubuntu for a combined 80,000 PCs. “The word ‘free’ was very important,” said Rudy Salles, vice president of the assembly, noting that it allowed the legislature to abandon Microsoft.

clipped from

“I always thought that open source is a very important socioeconomic movement,” Mr. Russo said.

His vision is to make Ubuntu the standard for the next couple of billion people who acquire PCs.
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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Kawasaki Hits The Red

It is official, Kawasaki have announced that they are pulling out of the MotoGP championship leaving riders John Hopkins and Marco Melandri without rides and the MotoGP grid looking increasingly small, standing now with 17 rider, 10 teams and just 4 manufacturers!

The official statement from Kawasaki on the MotoGP website states that
Amid the quickly changing business environment, Kawasaki has been promptly taking countermeasures to cope with the situation. As the world economy is not likely to recover in a short period due to the major impact of the financial crisis, Kawasaki decided to suspend its MotoGP racing activities from the 2009 season onward and reallocate management resources more efficiently.
You can view the full statement by Clicking Here.

On the plus side there is a possibility of a privateer team emerging, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta has said that
under these circumstances we agreed to cooperate collectively, in order to find a possible solution to their problems which may allow them to continue as a privateer team.
We have seen privateer teams perform very well at MotoGP level, but they also benefit in using championship winning motorcycles and the collective development. Would Kawasaki be happy to continue the trend of chasing the rest of the grid and fighting for the 2 last spots? Though at this rate soon every team will be guaranteed points no matter were they finish! The full statement from the Dorna CEO can be found be Clicking Here.

Hopefully Hopper and Marco can find some other rides to keep them racing as they will be missed.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Thought Police

It is official, 'citizen' is just the new slang for 'slave'. The thought police are no longer hiding in the shadows, we have let them take control of every aspect of our lives. This is shocking. They may claim that we live in democracies, but liberty is almost dead. Is this the EU they insist we must allow to become stronger? Is this the EU that we are being forced to ratify a treaty, regardless of democratic voice of the people?

I am truly disgusted at this level of personal invasion. We are all being criminalized by default and forced to prove our innocence. Every step caught on CCTV, every vehicle tagged and now our homes are being invaded through the phone lines. This is not the free world, this is fortress Europe with us the peasantry as its slaves and the elites ruling from their castles of glass and steal.

When the EU experiment fails it will be because it is rotten from the top down. Shame on those who allow this to happen.

The move, which follows a decision by the European Union’s council of
ministers in Brussels, has angered civil liberties groups and opposition
MPs. They described it as a sinister extension of the surveillance state
which drives “a coach and horses” through privacy laws.

A remote search can be granted if a senior officer says he “believes” that it
is “proportionate” and necessary to prevent or detect serious crime —
defined as any offence attracting a jail sentence of more than three years.

Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, the human rights group, said she would
challenge the legal basis of the move. “These are very intrusive powers – as
intrusive as someone busting down your door and coming into your home,” she

The Home Office said it was working with other EU states to develop details of
the proposals.

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