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I am a long time fan of Royal Enfield motorcycles and determined to get one in my garage eventually! The new EFI model represents a major step in the right direction with added reliability, relatively straight forward owner maintenance and an engine capable of up to 136kph (85mph). Though more realistically the cruising speed would be 96kph - 112kph (60mph - 70mph). Not bad for a 500cc single which is basically an update of a 50 year old engine! Oh and to give you more of an incentive the EFI averages 28km/l (80mpg).

For more specific information have a look at the Royal Enfield UK or the Royal Enfield USA websites!
Also some reviews can be found at;
RealClassic.co.uk - Royal Enfield Electra EFI
Motorcycle Classics - 2009 Royal Enfield Bullet EFI
MCN - Royal Enfield Electra EFI (2008-current)

So what got me blogging about the Royal Enfield's again is a very sweet version of the new EFI being offered by the USA Royal Enfield distributors... a new version of the old military model. It is called the Bullet G5 Military across the pond and I like it...LOTS! I could only hope that they make a similar version of available on this side of the ocean. With the UK being the largest market outside of India I am surprised this has not already been offered, but I understand they are busy getting out the more popular versions of the Enfield range, so a good reason! Guess alternatively I will just have to move to the USA...actually there is a thought!

ANYWAY, from the Royal Enfield USA website;


The iconic Bullet Military model has seen extended duty on several fronts throughout the world for many years and is now a prize for military enthusiasts and collectors the world over. Now available exclusively in the United States, the G5 Military features the ruggedness that has made Royal Enfield famous, plus the reliability of fuel injection and a virtually maintenance-free unit construction engine design.

This highly sought after motorcycle is painted olive drab and comes standard with the new Unit Construction Engine and digital electronic fuel injection, plus a unique look that harkens back to World War II.

Unique Features

* All-new, fully-integrated unit construction engine with fuel injection for rugged reliability
* A complete military look harkening back to WWII
* NEW! - Available accessory packages to customize to your taste
* Improved suspension, higher cruising speeds, and better handling
* Pagani turn signals, 19" Avon Speedmaster Mk. II tires
* Incredible 85 mpg fuel economy*
* Built to meet Euro III and other modern emissions standards
* Industry-leading 2 year, unlimited-milage manufacturer warranty

* Estimate based on initial mileage reports

Guess I better start finding some cents to hide in the mattress for when these eventually (I hope) become available on this side of the pond. I would certainly do my best to park one up in the garage, maybe add a screen though and maybe add some...oh damn, now I really want one!

As always, keep the rubber side down

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